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It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people.



In today`s competitive market place, it is very difficult for small travel agencies, tour operators, cab service providers to manage their marketing strategy, reaching to potential customers daily basis. As a small start up they are not able to hire either marketing people or customer support executive. Major travel agencies are one man show.

I t is very difficult for them to manage family life with business life, But they have passion to grow, develop and serve people. That is why “travelhelp” born, helping them grow, nurturing their customers, savings their precious time & money.

Travelhelp is a cloud base technology platform for both traveller and service provider to meet together in one place. Understanding each other in a better and usable way. So that everyone feels safety and security. In travelhelp website we are directly contacting with local travel agencies in every cities of India. We provide every travel agency a customised unique URL to share with their customers. So that customer will get best price for their travelling as there is no middle man here.




Customers are so precious to every organisation. There are lots of tools and technology available for customer acquisition. Social media playing a vital role for customer acquisition. Still business is not upto that levels. Because customer retention is different from customer acquisition.

It is a top most task for any small business owner. Lack up finance and human resources is the main cause of underperformance. That is why campaignhelp is here for helping small business owner for customer acquisition to retention.

Campaignhelp is a cloud based marketing and customer awareness management solution with so many unique features that help small business owner to develop their business with fewer prices. Whether you are new start up or experience business giant , campaignhelp for you. If you have good contacts or customer base, it will be good to manage all contact in one place. If you donot have any contacts or user base, donot worry we will help you to create it.

    Develop your Business with systematic approach.
  • Providing awareness to your customers’ periodically.
  • Inexpensive and presentable way to show your ideas and deals.
  • Converting unsuccessful leads to your potential customers.
  • Synchronies your entire customer details in one place.
  • Campaign awareness on social media.
  • Track your customer behavior & generate business.